REX Products


Original REX Ketchup

550 g
It was made 70 years ago to our secret family recipe by my uncle. We only use the best Hungarian raw materials and make it in Hungary. Rex ketchup is completely free of any additives or preservatives.
The unique taste comes from the selected ripe tomatoes from the ‘Alföld’ (great plain land of Hungary), from the prime whole spices and from the secrets of my uncle. As a real motor biker I can only suggest to my fellow riders: Never go to a grill party without Original REX Ketchup. It is also great with pasta dishes, sandwiches, hamburgers and salads.

HOT REX Ketchup

550 g
We made it with the World Championship winner Hungarian chili habanero sauce! The pleasantly hot taste comes after a couple of seconds but still keeps the great taste of Original REX Ketchup.

Sugar free REX Ketchup

540 g
We care for your health. We made a SUGAR FREE version of Original REX Ketchup using natural xilitol as sweetener. It is suitable for consumers on a diet, with diabetes or paleo eaters! We managed to keep the unique taste of REX ketchup unchanged!


540 g
The new member of REX Family is REX BBQ Sauce with many special ingredients like Worcestershire sauce, molasses and the famous Hungarian plum jam from Szatmár area! It is still based on the Original REX Ketchup.


3x230 g 0,22 l Original/HOT/BBQ
We made it for gourmet customers in 3 smaller bottles to sample the members of REX Ketchup Family: Original/HOT/BBQ. It will be a hard decision whether to buy Original for the kids or HOT for him or BBQ for the grill party. You must taste all of them!


4200 g
We made the Gastro tin version (4200g) for hotels and restaurants saving money in their P&L but still serving their customers with the best premium ketchup. Chefs say it is good not only with grilled meats, hamburgers and hot dogs but great with salads and sea foods!

Original REX Ketchup GASTRO MINI

32 g
Made for fine restaurants, burger places, hotels and airlines in an elegant 32g personal glass bottle. Looks great on the plate! We suggest to offer it with grilled meals, hamburger plates but also unforgettable with seafood and fish salads!